Blazot Social Network

Blazot is an all new social network with a focus on allowing people to connect with friends, family, businesses, and more! All through a network that doesn't have a political bias. We believe a social network should remain nuetral and focus on treating everyone equally.

We hope you'll sign up, invite your friends, and become positive members of the Blazot network!

Blazot social network moon graphic


Like most social networks, you can use Blazot for free and ads will appear in the feeds and select areas of the layout. However, for those who have interest in it, there is also a subscription option that removes ads and enhances your transmissions with a star that indicates your subscription level. Levels 2-5 add colored borders on your transmissions for even more flare!

Here is the most basic overview of the general features you'll use the most:

  • Post transmissions to your feed, along with links, images, and videos up to 2 minutes 55 seconds.
  • React to transmissions and responses with emotes.
  • Relay transmissions with or without a comment.
  • Select a different theme or font style in the app configuration.
  • Create direct or group conversations, add hashtags or mention users in transmissions, and much more!

Mobile Apps - Coming Soon

While you can Sign Up and Login to start using Blazot right now on this website, this social network is also developing apps for Android and iOS. A Windows Desktop app and Mac Catalyst app should also be ready in the not too distant future.

It's still in development, but the Android app is available in the Google Play store as an Early Access app HERE.

The iOS app is very close to being ready to be made available in the App Store.

Blazot social network app