About Blazot

Blazot is an all-new social network that aims to be a solution to many of the issues people are expressing about other networks today.  The main feed displays transmissions in the order they are posted, we aren't trying to decide what you should see or not see based on an algorithm, and we believe a social platform should remain politically neutral.  Instead of taking sides, Blazot will instead be focused on providing a network where friends, family, and businesses can communicate, share your stories, and stay in touch with your followers.  

Blazot.com is still in development, but continually growing and adding new features, so get your preferred username registered today!

Sites - What are they?

After registering for a user account, you are able to create “Sites”.  A “Site” is essentially a profile/page for your business, organization, team, etc., that you can easily manage with your user account (without needing to login separately).  You can setup managers for your Sites and you can advertise on Blazot through your Sites as well.  If interested, you are also able to sign up for a subscription and unlock some enhanced features that draw extra attention to your transmissions and Site.

Native Apps

Native apps are currently in development and are expected to be available in app stores in the near future for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac Catalyst.


Users and Sites are able to sign up for subscriptions, but they are not required.  You are able to use the site for free if that provides all the features you want and are perfectly fine with seeing promoted ads (similar to what you already see on other social networks).  When a user subscribes, they unlock additional features, including a highlighted border on transmissions for extra attention, a star indicating your subscription level, no promoted ads are displayed, and various other features depending on your chosen subscription level. One significant feature is that Level 5 subscribers are able to add background images to their profiles and customize their color scheme, which could be useful for businesses wanting to maximize the impact of their branding.


As an avid race fan himself and having been involved with motorsports at various degrees for many years, Steve Elliott plans to support motorsports with Blazot by giving back to racing as the network grows.


Blazot is based in Indiana (USA).


Considering the massive amount of work involved, Blazot is coming together very quickly, so there will no doubt be room for improvement. Please be patient and help us grow!

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